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- Bessie The Lake Monster Chapter 4     The GM workers continued fishing after what they just witnessed in the sky. The skies are now clear, only a few gulls and a few ducks passing by. The sun’...

By: SWARM | Category: Science Fiction | Score: 0| Added: 14 Nov 2017


- The Interview Chapter 3     It is Sunday. July 17, 1983. At the Sinbad Restaurant and Marina; Jacob and Junior are waiting for the rest of the guys at the side of Jesse’s boat. It is six in th...

By: SWARM | Category: Science Fiction | Score: 0| Added: 13 Nov 2017


- Lisa Chapter 2     Work is nothing but the ordinary; as the large lakes around the factories stay still, and while the black rivers flow to the streams, the road also breezes with cars that th...

By: SWARM | Category: Science Fiction | Score: 0| Added: 12 Nov 2017


- The Glitch Between Billions of Years Chapter 1     The Holocene epoch is where we are on today, and in no comparison to the size of all the other geological periods. The time when the landscap...

By: SWARM | Category: Science Fiction | Score: 1| Added: 11 Nov 2017

Terror In The Land Of Hope And Mystery- Part 2

- Fred started out at a slow trot with Reece and Marvin on his back. Stig ran beside them to help later with the elves. They followed the path that Marvin took to find Reece, so they could find the mar...

By: Kiera | Category: Fantasy | Score: 4.9| Added: 09 Jun 2015

Terror In The Land Of Hope And Mystery

- Giorgia strolled through the meadow of wildflowers in the land of Mysteria. Mysteria was a land of rolling flower-filled meadows with birds and butterflies flitting about. Butterflies playfully follow...

By: Kiera | Category: Fantasy | Score: 5| Added: 29 May 2015

Something Feels Wrong In Mysteria

- Ginger, Queen Karen and Kiera Were overjoyed when The Nymph Queen Chrissy came nearer But haste did make Felt over joyed Drinking tea Eating madiera cake Chrissy whats going on?  Queen...

By: Kiera | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.9| Added: 09 May 2015

Gator Tales

- My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I’m a junior, but being's his name is Big Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I’ll look into that, but not today. Today, you ...

By: Pirate | Category: Childrens | Score: 4| Added: 28 Mar 2015

The Prince of the Pond Takes a Wife

- As the gate to the castle came near, Lucinda tore her eyes away from the prince. Partly in fear and curiosity of what lay beyond, Lucinda let out a gasp at the beauty of what lay before her. She tur...

By: Noraj | Category: General | Score: 4.7| Added: 02 May 2013

A Fish-Eyed View of Humans Mating

- A few months after their wedding, two friends of mine went fishing. They anchored in a shady spot for lunch and, being young and in love, one thing led to another. I've no idea about the fishing that...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Humor | Score: 4.9| Added: 06 Feb 2013