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the Wanderer

- After a massive war of the four Kingdoms where there was no winner only death the world was shocked to its core the world powers that once held the lands together. Where gone and chaos ruled the land...

By: feefee | Category: Action | Score: 0| Added: 22 Jan 2018

The many lives of Casey L. Miller (Finale)

- Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle t...

By: Rebellious_Soul | Category: Action | Score: 5| Added: 29 Jun 2015

Gold Rush Fever Conclusion

- They sat around the table pondering the the future. Marshal Hagen finished his food, quickly drained his glass and stood. “I'd like to say that this was great meeting you all, but under the circu...

By: Rascal | Category: Action | Score: 4.9| Added: 24 Apr 2013

How I Lost My Way -Part 2

- How I Lost My Way - Part 2 Fall of 1971 At the time not knowing I was starting 11 months of hell on earth. At first you are looked on as the reason for the next trooper death. This was where I was ...

By: fuzzy1954 | Category: Action | Score: 4.9| Added: 29 Oct 2012

Of War and Peace and Mary Beth

- The smiling, long legged brunette in the photo leaned against the door of a familiar car. One hand held a set of keys against her freckled cheek while the other seemed to toy with the unfastened snapo...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Action | Score: 4.9| Added: 16 Feb 2012 Editor's Pick