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Quintessential Omens

In the night of autumn calm quiet of the fallen leaves yet with love in your eyes with quintessential omens As the silence is magic to my ears with a renaissance in the forest of the oaks and spawning of the acorns As your breath touch my lips with quintessential omens and flutes of the meadowlark with golden wings Like an angel in flight   a mythical dream so beautiful in the night of...Read On


Songs I Have Sung

With incense of lust and molten semen like tallow, my manhood diddled    in obsidian blood of poetic ashes burning feeling the pain of songs I have sung in my long tooth, the anatomy of a whore with the ink of the macabre as I fiddled her thingamabob  ...Read On


Heaven's Quilt

For a moment's dream as stars twinkled down like the snow of cotton as the yellow moon hung a sunflower smile while crossing over a new world beyond making love on heaven's quilt as stars twinkled down...Read On


Ghosting In Woolen

I have no time for shallowness or dandelions that last one puff just incinerating into seeds like Scarlett O'Hara with promiscuity, everything falls With testosterone in my pen I should have been on cocaine   Poe was a true poet Ebeneezer Scrooge just a name now all I write is just text Ghosting in woolen chilled to the bone waiting to become a one tome urge as the shadow of death hovers...Read On


Snow Of The Mallow

Dancing with me in a shadow of cello with flowing tears of tallow as we sweep the moon of stardust until the swallows return home to resin the strings of a rainbow as snow of the mallow falls...Read On


Stay Calm

A long time since my words lived                     pale in the eyes of my disposition with a breath no more in my ignition As if a conductor on the balustrade   now gone to task with a mortician with a shadow of death in my audition Feeling your kiss upon my brow with lips of the burying widow for there ain't no sunset when dredged With a breath no more in my ignition now gone the way...Read On


Love Of A Lifetime

Forever love is more than a dream

She searched all over for the love she read about  A fairytale  A Romeo and Juliet  One in a million kind of love  Then out of nowhere  He walked into her life  He was like a modern-day knight in shining armor  They were smitten from the word go  There were fireworks every time they touched  They knew it was a forever one of a kind love  She had butterflies when he touched her  He melted...Read On



Thank you for everything you’ve done

Through the kaleidoscope of colour Grew the rainbow of hope, From the golden rays of light The halo burned bright Above a million guardian angels, And became an army of heroes From which the fight lived on Through the ‘British bulldog spirit’ And lives on in the hearts of many And stays there for an eternity And will never be forgotten And forever be thankful. In the earnest...Read On


Every Drop You Drip

With every drop of your blood's bouquet looking at ashes on a grate full of the cold dead intoxicating me with a coppery taste like caffeine so dark and rich for my demitasse pale and profane As I inhale humanity's catastrophe lusting on the backroad of eternity like a shadow from Antietam my heart beats sweet chlorine running deep for your snarly thighs Bleaching my poetic lust, wooing...Read On


Sweet Gloria

Long my night eternal dark in the womb of this pine box   how can I age without your tears longing for your breasts my sweet Gloria   as my lips suck your marrow until the dawn's stallions return me to the paddock   of the fields and peat in the womb of this pine box   ...Read On


Our Daughter - The First Seven Months

Dedicated to our beautiful baby daughter

Our baby girls a blessing, she brightens up our day Except for when she’s crying, and doesn’t want to play   First time she rolled over, she chuckled with delight Shame she chose to do it, in the middle of the night   We thought it so exciting, we discovered her first tooth It’s not made her any happier, if I have to tell the truth   I sometimes have to pinch myself, to check that...Read On


Waiting for a Pixelated Godot

I cover my lips in toothpaste and pretend I am kissing Mr. Colgate himself. I avenge my sister’s death which either will happen, has always happened, or never happened at all. I trace my body in chalk and yellow caution tape. I tongue a glass whiteboard. I stab myself with a Swiss Army knife while trying to open a package from China. I get ignored. I ignore, but mostly I get ignored...Read On



Backtracking my paranoia to a couple of nights ago Words of the raven's caw in shadows of darkness Of the omens and madness of Goya Now in hibernation of all the harlots, I have bed With nothing but the pox dripping my sins As a veil of pale covers my bones six steps low Hearing the spade man hum in contralto Castrating the wind, sounding of fellatio Of the omens and madness of Goya  ...Read On



The effervescent weightlessness shattered Fractures of delight mingled in the air Puncturing, slicing, battered Strange how the intangible can tear    Scrambling with haste Eye's flaming with veracity  Time lost was not a waste Stone cold tenacity    Though those pieces are lost Irreplaceable fragments of length  It is in the frost, Where we find strength ...Read On



When a sense awakened all the senses

I love your smell... not your fragrance ,  The smell of your skin The one that makes you who you are, The one that only pleases me,  The one that makes me excited  And that makes me crazy about you  ...Read On



Story of our today

It started as a notion that affected very few – an ill that lacked a potion, so it traveled and it grew. A viral infestation that was spreading ‘cross the land had sparked investigation, but was getting out of hand. It broached the local borders, then it showed up overseas where it brought out all the hoarders – took the planet to her knees. They used the term ‘pandemic’ when the...Read On



I see the hours stretching ahead, sometimes hurrying, sometimes slowing down, falling beyond and behind... Still, I know their aim  is to reach destination and this signals the end, the end of time and life, the end of the journey, the end of fear, of worries, I know they can be friends, I know they can be enemies, and yet, my hours have promised to be kind with me on my way, I...Read On


Living without you

living without you   Learning to live without you,  You that I imagined so many times, You I dreamed of taking in my arms What will life be like without you?   Knowing that without you Life offers me no choice  That of having Faith What will life be like without you?   Hearing these mothers complain I would have given so much To have only one and please him What will life be...Read On


Gia why?

This blue tape is six feet apart. The world wracked in pain and death. The old stalked. Shall my heart beat six feet wide to fill the agony? My isolation needs no tape to pack it tighter. I have always seen you from a distance my ... humanity. When will we know safety? Will it be at a distence? Has it always been this way? Is the new normal the same as always? Nothing new at sunset....Read On



Through time and distances and in your case other arms, we have become strangers, strangers who politely refuse to acknowledge each other. I would have not ended this,  would not have betrayed you, would not have strayed from you, would not have left you at all. So so many memories flow and flood the solitude of hours, I have nothing else to tell you, you may have chosen well, you may...Read On


Figlia Del Tuo Figlio

A sculpture, stands before the ocean, Fashioned from timbers Of the ships that trawled for fish. A sentinel to those forever silenced, Who the sea's lips accepted And it's throat consumed. The ones who set off hopefully, But never reached the terminus of home.  ...Read On


Source Of Desire

Love without sake would make me sad, as your lips of crimson, spray wisteria, in a drunken orgy of courtesans, scented of opium and tea leaves, on a mountain-side, of Mt. Fuji, With almond-eyes and soft skin, under the shade of the cherry trees, exhilarating with your words, shivering with your caresses, drinking an inexhaustible source of desire. As mama-san jesters an amorous...Read On



With an open mouth, I breathed you inside,  Fearlessly, you nested in my ribcage, Hanging bobbles, you settled in for the ride My heartbeat bare, center stage    You slept soundlessly on my lungs, Spend your days observing the muscles of my heart The way it pulsed, it spoke in tongues How did you enjoy this new start?   Days passed as you poked and prodded, Through every inch...Read On


Man Friday

To me, you were always Friday, as you found me on that day, When searching eyes swept across a sawdust floor To where I preened, sleek as a parrot, on a stool in a Bristol bar.   Sheltered in our room, backs bent and hostage to the dark, You ploughed my furrow, spread your seed, As tongue lolled in silent scream, I tasted salt on midnight skin.   While scent of sandalwood drifted on...Read On


Laced With Insanity

With extract of laudanum, in my cups tenderly, on the edge of a dime, feeling ice in my veins, sharing placebo dreams, from my mind's archives.   Laced with insanity, in the darkness of a maze, chasing rainbows in harrows of poetic weeds, from the foggy bottoms, of whiskey and rye. Aroused by the words of Poe and Jack Kerouac, from the verses, I have sprung a new savory, an anomaly, in bye...Read On


Never-ending end

You who left, think you've left me  You who inhabit my abyss and flow through my veins  Do you think it's over... Do you believe that by deaf, you will not hear me again Do you believe that by multiplying the conquests I would no longer exist What about your promises What about my weaknesses I am only a child without you but woman in your arms  You who left, think you've left me  You...Read On


Intoxicated In Abstract

Intoxicated in an abstract from a glassed silhouette  in a chapel of web's memories with sweet sucettes like a dark poinsettia moon and whispers at twilight  to wind me in your arms of lusting tremor   Before the edge of dawn and spawning of the dew as your breath awakes me to a shadow of a kind with snow of pollen and a ghostly kiss of a fanciful dream in a musical loft    Intoxicated in...Read On


Letter to my torturer

While death has, it seems, surprised you You seem to think that my life without you was in vain You'll be the one who never learned That my heart for you was brimming with hatred Even though the time in my skin has registered well For my beloved I was there faithful queen Your vile words and dark thoughts have cursed nothing Very comfortable the river of my life dripped without trouble If...Read On


I'd never...

I´d never thought it would end this, I´d never thought we would part, I´d never thought of time as an enemy, I´d never thought you would leave me. Still, fear not, I have seen you sneaking, just to escape, just to hide, just to go. You did not know me that well, I guess, just one word would have been enough, my love and desire are not based on chains, those are just props for...Read On


Crayons On My Wall

With shadows of butterflies, on my wall As the Fairy Godmother sings a song With fragile china cup wings Outlined with colored crayons And a happy face As the twilight falls Jesus loves me, this I know With shadows of butterflies, on my wall ...Read On