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Gate Wick

Striking a lucifer to the gate wick a song sung twilight serenade of silence in my alto lost verses I have sung as the tallow drips Death stalking my shadow feeling it's cold breath like fingers of mist climbing a rung of dreams from the womb to the dark Over the nave of graves and past linguists of my poetry being carnal through the eye of a cyclops striking a lucifer to the gate wick    ...Read On


Foolish Clown

Although a foolish clown among my peers pulling puppet strings the world is my piccolo sweet pears of twilight and poetic things hopping over mushrooms eating wild oats and old poets quotes among my peers pulling puppet strings...Read On


Crimson Glass Rose

Through the night of crimson glass rose with dark shards of a cold winter's mask   loving the way it catches the moon light   touching drops of crimson glass rose  in a garden of thorns bleeding red collecting the crystal snow flakes   sweet attar of crimson glass rose  lasting forever, twilight's bell rung   loving the way it catches the moon light   through the night of crimson glass...Read On


Galleons Of Dark

As galleons of dark clouds thunder and I under duress of the rum  sweet it be but no friend to mine   playing Ace of the devil's walleye Two verses in two verses stout  of my erogenous personification   with wings of a gluttonous jackal  sucking the teat of night  As galleons of dark clouds thunder my pen's blunderbuss sows seeds playing Ace of the devil's walleye of my glorious antiquity   ...Read On


Hell's Depot

In my mind's insecurity blue veins  like a meandering rose on a ladder climbing through a window of night to the collector of souls  With wings of a dark angel  waiting at hell's depot  dripping its sumac   like a sluicing sleuth  Into the shadows of my destination  and willows that grow chains  sweet cyanides' flirtation   in my mind's insecurity blue veins   ...Read On


Shadow Fade

Today I watched your shadow fade to inhale the eternal dark no more whispers, no more sighs just cold sucking you away no more scent, no more breath   just the pendulum swing...Read On


Down, but not out

You've torn me, ripped me, and hit me I bleed from the wounds on my skin You've floored me, kicked me, and slit me But you've not broken the spirit within My tank is depleted, not empty I rise back, glowing with sweat Fight? Oh yes, I've got plenty Your smugness will turn to regret  ...Read On


May We Return

Remember our time before this time

May we return to the place, we've never been? I knew you once when we were young, you must have lived before. Yearning for a time when youth enveloped me in joy; were you there? It seems you must have been though impossible, to be sure. Not yet born. But living, alive, in my yearning for that time. Knowing the pleasures, the moods of sharing the precious times together. Browsing,...Read On


To: Two Doves

I could drink from your lips

Ink your memory on canvas Daydream of your blush melanin skin I could drink from your lips Night owl at your poinsettia Never to forsaken;   Could one be so besieged by the first Desire a second And still be wholesome?   Could one be proportional devoted To the butterfly And the bee?   Among the rubbles of treasures Envied was among Gold; Tanzanite Within the wilderness ...Read On


Bump Less Night

Need dark to bump less light   with a creaking of the door   in my space raining insomnia   of my poetic Dicken's   Auctioning my death's portfolio   hearing the jackals cant scaling the skin of my oblivion   roaming starless nights     Merrily, merrily in life's dreams wherever the dark goes   my ink will scroll   with a creaking of the door...Read On


Yes Man

An unwilling 'yes man' gets his revenge

You taught me to be a 'yes man' You ground me down like salt I once was full of questions Now I ignore every fault You taught me to be a 'yes man' You hated to hear 'no' So if you walk towards a cliff I'll just smile and let you go...Read On



I went too far when I began knifing my pain into a bleeding puddle

I went too far when I stripped myself of dignity and pride I went too far when I began knifing my pain into a bleeding puddle Just so I could compete for your affection So engulfed by you that I was willing to harm my sanity Into body dysmorphism I would kneel and wash your feet with my tears Kissing your hands as if it was a rite I went too far when I sold myself, cheaply When I gave...Read On


Touching Silence

Touching silence in dreams no more the reams willows genuflect on my pillow     sweet winds of the piccolo   on God's carousel of unicorns   flying with gilded wings     Whispering my story   beneath the hanging moss   in palms as angels choir   on eternal glided swings   returning me home   touching silence in dreams...Read On



In my poetic dreams often in silence as the wind blows through the sorrels  of rainbows with steps spiraling like a carousel with wings  Beneath god's parasol  through the eyes of a child  building towers with Tinker toys  with moats and bubbly brooks  Flowing with ambrosia's scent of oranges and coconuts  over the rapids of my mind waiting for the yellow school bus...Read On



Sometimes, it’s just people you know. Remembering a face or a name. You wouldn’t call them a friend though. The connection just isn’t the same.   Sometimes, people surprise you. Closeness will develop over time. Family or friend, someone you knew. Maybe love, maybe not, or just liking is fine.   Sometimes, the people farthest away, Are the ones who hold you close. While others...Read On


The Embers of Tranquillity

As I sit upon the meadow, a dreamlike world at ease, the rushes, elms, and grasses, caressed by lazy evening breeze. The sunset glows on honeyed towers, the gentle river flows behind, if only this could last forever, if only nothing preyed upon my mind. But I know they're coming, soon a rabble through the gate, vicious thugs come to smite me, and condemn me to my fate. I spoke truth to...Read On


Tambourines Of A Winter's Song

The night was chilled as frost stuck to the pane like crystals of diamonds in your blue eyes the moon was pale as you hung about the window a shadow whispering a cold December rain As night fell under the orange pale moon with a rustling of leaves from the trees deep lays the snow about the willows like a cold wind banging tambourines Gazing upon your beauty with fascination fire of...Read On



Protests for racial equality.

Waves of people filled the streets while chanting hand in hand, in hopes they’d send a message that would spread across the land. Some acts of grave injustice that they’d witnessed on TV aroused a mass of anger ‘bout police brutality. A cry for racial justice and a search for common ground had them shouting for attention with an omnipresent sound. Some would follow ordinance and tout...Read On


In Sync

You say the words,  Even as they teeter  At the edge of my tongue.   You give voice to thoughts Not yet fully formed In my mind.  You articulate my opinions, So I better understand My own heart. I know your reaction  Well before you give it. I know your passions, What ignites and stokes them. In sync, but unpredictable; Familiar, never dull. Still you surprise me, Astound me, amaze me. ...Read On


I can

Oh yes I can... and so can you!

In a fog of dread, I'm cast away To drift unnoticed through the bay Of timid flame, and fight forgot I clutch the mast of “I cannot” But deep inside, the embers burn With trial and error, I slowly learn A thousand thoughts, a journey long To build a furnace oh so strong Then my spark, I'll re-ignite Out shall pour my blinding light Ablaze inside, I'll be that man Who stands up tall and...Read On



In melancholia with scented sticks  of the winter gardens nostalgia in poetic solitude of nothingness   God bless eternity, listing to crickets beneath the tender leaves  of brocaded memories and snow    ...Read On


By My Side

After a very long road trip I question my mind

I am trying but three days in a car make my progress seem very far Thankfully the sea has come to my rescue again. Salt air, endless ocean views are friends Patience you continue to show mile after mile day after day Eventually helping me find my way I question again and again Why am I so different, so bent Maybe that's why you were sent When others around me laugh and enjoy good times...Read On


Poison Into Medicine

Worn down, Worn out, Day after day, Until unspilled tears Burn With the doubt. “Respect” is just a word, Not understood Nor valued. The more given, The more pain When not received. Quit! Then what? Places, faces change; Poison lingers. Failure Is just as painful. Dig deeper, persevere; Determine, again. No one said Human Revolution Would be easy. No one else can do it. Inner...Read On


Twilight Burning

Diddling with my crazies, phantoms, twilight burning,  on the edge of my infirmity. Trying to hold on to my soul,  scratching with my fingers,  the weevils in this deep hole.  Damn! this place is like sloe gin,  feeling the stretch marks, wearing Old Nick's socks. Dark like an old harlot's tongue, with tits that fit my mitt, phantoms, twilight burning.  Now late for my borscht, ...Read On



Alone, forever alone, I shall now be, sailing lonesome across a stormy sea, until angry waves flood my boat, and all that's left are the words I wrote....Read On


Way Past The Tacos

Being zero dark thirty, way past the tacos as insomnia runs amok in my asinine rhymes of indigestion as I regurgitate my ghost   chained to Audacity's petticoat   and the salsa of my somber as she plays nickels and dimes on my corpse with the chuckling of toads crawling shutting off the lights of my eyes as the wheels of the hearse go spinning being zero dark thirty, way past the tacos...Read On



Break ups can be difficult

Your face says it all, you are going I plead like I'm sent to the noose No combination of begs I find working Tears gush through a wide-open sluice Joy pours away, I am leaking Dread fills the vacuum inside I see my love and my joy and my passion Retreat like the draw of the tides. Goodbye slips through my fingers Hope flows away like a stream I am left grey, cold and empty A skin devoid of...Read On


Dark Zinfandel

Dark Zinfandel, dripping exotic notes  sweet of your nectar, my lips parched   by the winds in the fields of your inferno's ecstasy  for I am your magician  dipping into your flute  dark Zinfandel, dripping exotic notes   ...Read On


The Wang-wang-pede

If you go down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise...

A wang-wang-pede rose from 'neath the sea And sclobbered towards the beach On seven and twenty tenticlaws With a retching craw-craw screech He flared his squinty nostrils Then snapped his clack-clack beak His tenticlaws grabbed man and child And he slapped his glob-glob cheeks Soldiers came with their woof-woof guns Fired shots to schlump him dead But they should have shot his flub-flub...Read On


Dark Is At My Elbow

Dark is at my elbow pushing life aside  as I play hermit to my verses loosening screws to your inner sanctum in the silence of the dripping tallow and the moth's fanning wings   of my mind's chimney sweep in death's game of Tic-Tac-Toe of your breath marking the spot and your blood's lactation today's marrow, tomorrow's stone and pale crocus of pussy willow bones of sweet nectar for my...Read On