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Scamp's Adventures #10 Sparky Meets The New Neighbors

- It was a beautiful summer day on the farm. Sparky, the dog, was laying on the porch resting after a fun morning of playing with his friends. He was watching the people go by and would bark to say hel...

By: DenimAngel | Category: Childrens | Score: 5| Added: 31 Jul 2020

Scamp's Adventures #8 : A Halloween Adventure

- It was that time of year. Miss Emily had planned her annual Halloween party. The farm was the perfect place for a scary good time. The farmhouse and all the outbuildings were over two hundred years o...

By: DenimAngel | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 21 Mar 2020

MOON CHALLENGE : Scamp's Adventure #7 : A Spaceship Adventure

- It was a quiet day at the farm...  Scamp, the monkey, heard about the local space shuttle building contest open to all ages and told Sparky, the pup. The contest was to celebrate the fiftieth annive...

By: DenimAngel | Category: Childrens | Score: 5| Added: 09 Dec 2019

Scamp's Adventure 2: A Day on the Farm

- Scamp, the monkey, and her friends love to play games on the farm. Their favorite games are chase and hide and seek. The family farm has lots of great places to hide. The sun peeks over the horizon ...

By: DenimAngel | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 01 Nov 2018

Cat Confessions

- Hello, hoomans of the interwebz, my name is Rudolph Valentino, but I just get called Tino for short. Other names of mine are little shit or Turd-meister because instead of doing my business outside i...

By: LauraDanielle | Category: Humor | Score: 4.9| Added: 05 Jul 2017

The Mum Goes Moo

- Sitting down with a group of children in the shade, on a very hot day, I was reading a story with them about farm animals. After the story was finished we played the "what sound does this animal make...

By: LauraDanielle | Category: Musings | Score: 5| Added: 08 Feb 2017

The Old Codger’s Canine Complaint

- Now, I'm not complaining, you understand, but these foreign dogs I’m living with are crazy. I call those house-hounds 'foreign' because one is part German Shepard, another is a mix of French poodle an...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 08 Jul 2016

Gus -a dogs eye view of the world

- Gus’s Life ---A dog's eye view of his world. Intro Okay here are the bare facts. The ugly truth; I am a dog! I guess it could have been worse; I could have been born a cat. Now there’s...

By: writerchick | Category: Humor | Score: 4.8| Added: 20 Feb 2016


- Rabbits leap Turtles creep Elephants stomp Kangaroos hop Horses clop Birds fly I don't know why Lions stalk But as for me... I walk

By: maryruth | Category: Poetry | Score: 0| Added: 16 Sep 2014

Cieren The Badger

- Cieren is a badger his name is Welsh and is pronounced Keeran. He was born in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. He had been very happy living with his family there, until one day the badgers heard fa...

By: candle_in_the_wind | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 28 Jun 2013

Mary's Little Lamb: Part 1

- Mary once had a little lamb. This lamb had magical powers. For it could baaa the most enchanting of melodies. If you heard certain melodies of this lamb, you could feel a compulsion to do many things....

By: Ididntdoit | Category: Fantasy | Score: 4.3| Added: 12 Jun 2013

Arcadian Lives and Loves

- My father, the Great god Pan, told me once that I was not like his other progeny. Oh, I had the ears and tail of a horse, of course (whinny!) And I had the powers of a demigod. I would live almost for...

By: Survivor | Category: Fantasy | Score: 4| Added: 05 Jun 2013

Life of a Nauga

- We have all heard of Naugahyde. It was used in upholstering custom cars in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But does anyone know where it comes from? Does it come from an animal? Where does it live? What does ...

By: frogprince | Category: Musings | Score: 4.8| Added: 16 Jan 2013


- Let me tell you about my pets. I wonder why they're known as pets, because you pet them? Can't be, nobody pets a goldfish, do they? I've seen people pet a parrot, damn near lost a finger, too....

By: Rascal | Category: Musings | Score: 5| Added: 14 Oct 2012

Farm Tales

- Farm Tales Firstly, let me tell you a little about myself. My name’s Kari and I am an import. What’s an import you say? It means that I either am from another country or the city. In my case it’s...

By: Kari | Category: Humor | Score: 4.9| Added: 16 Aug 2012

Santa, maybe?

- Spectacular is the only word that can describe the view from the plane window flying into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One gets fearful as the Grand Tetons appear as though they will scrape the bottom of th...

By: Jackson_Banks | Category: Humor | Score: 5| Added: 14 Dec 2011