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The Storm

- The rain lashed noisily against the windows and drummed upon the flat roof of the dormer. She pulled the blankets up over her head and tried to shut out the incessant din but it was no use. The how...

By: AnnaMayZing | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 27 Aug 2018


- I wrote this as a forum piece, 'last word first'.  It was just for fun but when I read it back a couple of times I rather liked it. I thought that maybe you would too but, if you don't use the...

By: AnnaMayZing | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 15 Nov 2017

A Second Chance Part 6

- Loni questioned her motives a dozen more times as they walked across the parking lot to their parked cars. She was used to acting on impulse from her younger and carefree days, so this behavior was ou...

By: The_Count | Category: Romance | Score: 5| Added: 20 Feb 2016

What's under the bed?

- As she lays in bed pulling the sheet and blankets  Up around and over her shoulders and neck. She hears scratching under the bed.. Scratch Scratch Hisssss... Nervously she decides to look. ...

By: aussie_kitty77 | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 12 Sep 2014

The Last Day

- Missy, the girl who takes care of us, saw me looking at John sitting by the window reading the bible. “Corrie, do you want me to wheel you over?” I nodded and she pushed my chair to the corner and ...

By: fallingdove | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 21 Oct 2013

Two Lovers

- Upon their bed both do lie Her on her side just right And him right behind Spooned together this tonight. His hand is on her stomach Pulling her closer and tight While she feels his warmth Lying the...

By: meredith | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 04 Oct 2013


- This is the story of an angel without a halo One day unlike an angel he wallowed What a paradox I am a creature of heaven But now I am in hell and lesser mortals on my heaven dwell ...

By: MileeBanerjeeOGN | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.8| Added: 03 Aug 2011