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- My grandmother tried to kill me in my crib when I was two months old. She’s dead now. Did I kill her? I don’t know. It’s not a simple question, and there are no simple answers. All I remember is b...

By: verbal | Category: Horror | Score: 5| Added: 17 Jul 2021

Love and Affection Challenge: Buck's Bucks

- Folks always claimed ‘Buck’ Granderson got his nickname because he still had the first dollar he ever made. It wasn’t true, at least not the part about his name. I had it on very good authority that ...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 24 Feb 2020

Taxation to Heaven

- There is something wrong with you Though we can’t quite point it out You are dangerous, you are scarred Only we can help you out! Everything you know inside Is the devil’s gateway to yo...

By: JätteskogFrejyason | Category: Songs | Score: 5| Added: 24 Nov 2016

The League of the Young and Supernatural (7)

- Ch. 7 *Sakura* Morning came after seven torturous hours. I barely slept. The guest bed was insanely soft and comfortable, but I was too stressed to give it a chance. I had lied on the floor all nigh...

By: Jjazzymin | Category: Supernatural | Score: 5| Added: 28 Jul 2015

Spiders and Demons

- She stepped down the broad marble staircase uncertainly, feeling the weight of the coin purse Artemidoros had given her thump heavily against her leg. At the bottom of the steps, she turned back, look...

By: crusch | Category: Fantasy | Score: 5| Added: 02 May 2015

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 6

- Chapter 6 To Save The Future I forgot. It’s Sunday, and we have to go to church. I hate it there. That’s why Mevild drags me to the carriage, already by the door. He is afraid I’m going to put ...

By: GriffinGarcon | Category: Science Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 03 Jul 2013

The Roaches

- Maybe I’m more sensitive about cockroaches than most other people because I was eighteen, in the army, before I ever saw one. I was working in the mess hall and I went to the broom closet to get a mop...

By: fallingdove | Category: General | Score: 4| Added: 20 May 2013

Christy's Struggle

- Christy Sparks struggled against the urge to laugh, but knew she was losing. As Brother Silas, the venerable choir director, led the assembled multitude gathered inside the Faith of Our Fathers sanct...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 12 Jan 2013