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Star From Heaven

A heart touching fairytale

Fascinating glass castle encircled by trees loaded with chocolates and creamy fountains.  She embarked on the castle and saw ladies in gowns smirking as if happiness eternally endures there. In the throne, she glimpsed the most elegant lady, her Mom. "Wake up," told her dad. She mumbled, "Beautiful Star from Heaven!"    ...Read On


You Should Have Asked Before

"If it sounds country, that's what it is; it's a country song..." Kris Kristofferson

Well hello, it's been a long time, But at least you know my name. So let's pass the time, with a glass of wine Like things were just the same. And it's really good to see you, But there's something you should know. So if that's all you really came here for, You should have asked before. The summer's gone and your world's turned cold, And you knew that I'd be here. Say what's on your mind...Read On



Sometimes, it’s just people you know. Remembering a face or a name. You wouldn’t call them a friend though. The connection just isn’t the same.   Sometimes, people surprise you. Closeness will develop over time. Family or friend, someone you knew. Maybe love, maybe not, or just liking is fine.   Sometimes, the people farthest away, Are the ones who hold you close. While others...Read On


Dirk's Deal - Dirty Dozen Demystified

Dr. Ingram Briefs Dirk on The Dirty Dozen's Mission.

Dirk was waiting in Laboratory #1. Dr. Ingram had invited him for a special briefing, promising to provide him more background and understanding of not only their next mission, but their overall mission. She also promised to brief what he needed to know about the enemy's tactics, and the Dirty Dozen's vulnerabilities. Dirk was absolutely ready, he had waited a long time to be trusted...Read On



It was a wistful longing for the night winds that had me pawing dark's sensuality. As my breath condensate in a brume of sooted smoke from the nearby chimneys. And I grinning a grin of a harlequin. As I lit the gaslights, a choir in the distance harken a carol. "O come all ye faithful..." Beneath my button britches my manhood twitched, with Old Nick's itch. And with a glint in my monocle...Read On


The Embers of Tranquillity

As I sit upon the meadow, a dreamlike world at ease, the rushes, elms, and grasses, caressed by lazy evening breeze. The sunset glows on honeyed towers, the gentle river flows behind, if only this could last forever, if only nothing preyed upon my mind. But I know they're coming, soon a rabble through the gate, vicious thugs come to smite me, and condemn me to my fate. I spoke truth to...Read On


The Dancer Who Dreamed He Could Fly

A song for Marc (1947 - 1977) Born To Boogie

"If fame is an illusion," said the Wizard to the Face, "The past is all confusion and now's the only place. From the earth to the September sky, Like a dancer who dreamed he could fly "The time has come," the Wizard said. " To get up on the stage. With your corkscrew mane and silver train, like a Botticelli sage." From the earth to the September sky, Like a dancer who dreamed he could fly....Read On


The Littlest Red Hood Chapter 3

Series: The Littlest Red Hood

One small battle changes everything.

Cordelia ran at a hard sprint, pushing herself harder, trying to outrun all of the emotions that had been building inside her. When she couldn’t push it any further, she slowed to a jog. Finally, slowly to a walk, she started to feel the cool air and realized she should have brought her cloak. Taking in her environment for the first time, she realized she had run a lot further than she...Read On


Tambourines Of A Winter's Song

The night was chilled as frost stuck to the pane like crystals of diamonds in your blue eyes the moon was pale as you hung about the window a shadow whispering a cold December rain As night fell under the orange pale moon with a rustling of leaves from the trees deep lays the snow about the willows like a cold wind banging tambourines Gazing upon your beauty with fascination fire of...Read On


Maimed Heart

Life is an art, cram it with Bright colours of exhilaration and positivity.

Do we hearken to our hearts? Do we assimilate our inner instincts? No. We are galloping in a race where we get anxiety because of our ineptitude to fit the so-called success pattern. We follow what everybody is doing to reach perfection. But, life is not that harsh! It sprinkles shimmering flakes of elation and serenity at the coldest of times where we have relinquished our hopes.  ...Read On


The Kisses And The Wine

'I cried for madder music and stronger wine' Ernest Dowson

On a bleak November day An empty beach, the tourists gone away, But the lights still dance along the promenade.   Pleasure boats with painted names Lie beached, until the summer comes again, While the fortress keeps a vigil on the shore.   The city sung it's siren song, Far too loud, for far too long And drew me to the kisses and the wine.   So as I look far out to sea And feel...Read On


Fire & Ice - Chapter 3

Reputation is everything, but all work and no play makes for a dull girl.

Jenna was intrigued by Ray's homework for her after their first official life coach session. Although she was vaguely familiar with what she knew to be a sensory deprivation tank, she had to agree with Ray, that a 'float tank' was a better marketing name for it. The main reason she knew about those tanks was a fiction novel she had read years back, The Door to December, or something like...Read On



Protests for racial equality.

Waves of people filled the streets while chanting hand in hand, in hopes they’d send a message that would spread across the land. Some acts of grave injustice that they’d witnessed on TV aroused a mass of anger ‘bout police brutality. A cry for racial justice and a search for common ground had them shouting for attention with an omnipresent sound. Some would follow ordinance and tout...Read On


Cara's Theme

Surprise over dinner.

Suddenly it all made sense. The new dress, the hair-do and the manicure. At a secluded table for two my life changed forever. Of course, there's so much left to plan. The guest list, my dress and who will sit with who at the reception. But for now let's drink a toast to the happiest moment of the past half million. All because you placed that small box on the table.  ...Read On


In Sync

You say the words,  Even as they teeter  At the edge of my tongue.   You give voice to thoughts Not yet fully formed In my mind.  You articulate my opinions, So I better understand My own heart. I know your reaction  Well before you give it. I know your passions, What ignites and stokes them. In sync, but unpredictable; Familiar, never dull. Still you surprise me, Astound me, amaze me. ...Read On


Drink of Choice

I had perched myself on the child-sized chair in the family play area, conveniently, this was also right underneath the heat pump. It was icy cold that morning. Two girls were with me, and we were consuming pretend cups of tea and having a good ol gossip sesh. R comes in and asks to join in. The more the merrier, so she proceeds to brew some tea and put some baking in the oven.  "Hey Laura,"...Read On



Cross with care, don't look down, and share your path to the other side.

She loves her Daddy. He gave her all he could for her to stand on her own. She retains all he taught her, all the memories along the way, and the confidence that she built under his tender care. She travels many paths but it is at bridges that she remembers him the most. Chasms of various heights always scare her. Bridges may not be perfectly safe. "Cross with care, don't look down, and...Read On


I can

Oh yes I can... and so can you!

In a fog of dread, I'm cast away To drift unnoticed through the bay Of timid flame, and fight forgot I clutch the mast of “I cannot” But deep inside, the embers burn With trial and error, I slowly learn A thousand thoughts, a journey long To build a furnace oh so strong Then my spark, I'll re-ignite Out shall pour my blinding light Ablaze inside, I'll be that man Who stands up tall and...Read On


Billy's Got A Secret




In melancholia with scented sticks  of the winter gardens nostalgia in poetic solitude of nothingness   God bless eternity, listing to crickets beneath the tender leaves  of brocaded memories and snow    ...Read On


Am I not Alone?

Another Perspective of Loneliness..

Straddling in a secluded room. Scrolling through social media sites, I caught glimpses of my mates sharing pictures together with captions "My roomie"," My constant". I attempted to be social, I am implicated with many clubs and groups. I talk with people, pay them to heed but my opinion and presence are alienated! Am I not alone?  ...Read On


By My Side

After a very long road trip I question my mind

I am trying but three days in a car make my progress seem very far Thankfully the sea has come to my rescue again. Salt air, endless ocean views are friends Patience you continue to show mile after mile day after day Eventually helping me find my way I question again and again Why am I so different, so bent Maybe that's why you were sent When others around me laugh and enjoy good times...Read On



Wonders can be found in your own backyard

“Look!” Cradled in outstretched toddler hand, a treasure. “What is’t?” I surmised immediately the origin and purpose of this newest wonder, I am, however, intrigued as to the deductive powers of my darling Cecily, so remain silent. “Maybe it’s a…” nose to discovery, intricate details examined close, “a…from a robot, like somthun’ that makes him move, a big,” arms held out wide to...Read On


Cloud Cuckoo Land

Carousel spinning round and round Painted horses guard the killing ground Houdini’s ghost lends a helping hand Save your prayers for Superman Charcoal skies and hornet’s nests Soldiers dressed in their Sunday best Behind them plays a marching band Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land   Mirrors reflect a blood red sea The lion tamer sips his tea Ribbon dancers comes undone Burning under...Read On


The Littlest Red Hood Chapter 2

Series: The Littlest Red Hood

One small battle changes everything.

She spent most of the next day getting supplies that she needed for her house. She knew that she had at least two weeks at home because word of new Weres never came until after the full moon. Werewolves were able to change whenever they wanted, but during a full moon they had to and that is usually what allowed them to be seen by their neighbors or friends. Sometimes, however, it was a...Read On


Poison Into Medicine

Worn down, Worn out, Day after day, Until unspilled tears Burn With the doubt. “Respect” is just a word, Not understood Nor valued. The more given, The more pain When not received. Quit! Then what? Places, faces change; Poison lingers. Failure Is just as painful. Dig deeper, persevere; Determine, again. No one said Human Revolution Would be easy. No one else can do it. Inner...Read On



Thoughts and dreams and wonderment



Taking control

Taking control Fear The one emotion I never completely overcome  Even when sadness and Acceptance take over Fear is always Ready to take command  To love complete  A love that is from the very core  Commands the fear to be silent To find a peace  To remind my soul I am not alone  ...Read On


The Formula-X Grand Prix - A Fuel Story (SEASON FINALE)

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

With the biggest event on the F-X calendar finally here, each racer looks to have the last laugh

31st of May - Season 1 Moodswing was smiling. This was it. This was what all his hard work was all about: the end result of all the blood, sweat and tears... The Formula-X Grand Prix. This was big. And it wasn't the case  just  because they'd held out on calling any of their previous pay-per-views "grands Prix". It wasn't  just  because this event would have a slew of special guests...Read On


Twilight Burning

Diddling with my crazies, phantoms, twilight burning,  on the edge of my infirmity. Trying to hold on to my soul,  scratching with my fingers,  the weevils in this deep hole.  Damn! this place is like sloe gin,  feeling the stretch marks, wearing Old Nick's socks. Dark like an old harlot's tongue, with tits that fit my mitt, phantoms, twilight burning.  Now late for my borscht, ...Read On