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Back Without Regret

- That’s it. Breakfast dishes all cleared away. Cups neatly stacked, in the lower cupboard, Cereal bowls alongside with the plates. Now, why do I find something so menial satisfying? Oh, don’t I know t...

By: redwriter | Category: Romance | Score: 5| Added: 14 Jan 2020

Dating, Daughters, and Dads

- Oh, yes. I remember drawing myself up as tall as possible and leaning over slightly to peer into his rebellious, anti-parent smirking eyes. I said, "I need to know the color of your eyes for the pol...

By: Wordpusher715 | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 19 Oct 2019

Practice Dating

- After I obtained my driver license, my father and mother independently counseled me about sex. The talks were embarrassing but when done, they both had let me know their expectations about teenage se...

By: Wordpusher715 | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 06 Sep 2018

Date night

- I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine  and painted red with desire.  Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders  glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster f...

By: ShamelessFlirt | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 26 Mar 2018

The 7even Stages of Relationship Separation (Male Perspective)

- The 7even Stages of Relationship Separation (Male Perspective) Stage One: HELL YEA I’m free, and nobody can take that from me. We weren’t meant to be encumbered by another person constantly suck...

By: BobDobalina | Category: Musings | Score: 5| Added: 08 Nov 2016

A Double Date

- Karen and I set up our first double date for Saturday night. It confuses me, but Karen feels it is perfect. She and I will not be dates. She wants to date Henry and I get to date her best friend, Jani...

By: frogprince | Category: Young Adult | Score: 5| Added: 03 Nov 2014

Mixed messages

- He entered their room online and she smiled and said, “Hi.” He simply replied, “I have something important to ask you...” Noticing he sounded nervous, she asked, “What?” “Umm... how would you li...

By: aussie_kitty77 | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 4.8| Added: 17 Oct 2014

Date with Kitty

- Picking up my gal We're going on a date I'm 5 minutes early Always hate to be late. Greets me in her housecoat A peck, Please take a seat Give me just a minute She leaves in a heartbeat. I si...

By: meredith | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 19 Sep 2014

Lesson #2: Sometimes It is Socially Acceptable to Throw Your Drink In Someone's Face.

- Douche bags will be douche bags. We have all probably had a time in our life when someone makes us feel completely vulnerable and used. This date story is a prime example of that. So, there was t...

By: bolinball27 | Category: Humor | Score: 5| Added: 29 Jan 2014

Lesson #1: Wear Bug Repellent When Making Out in Parking Lots

- It is no secret that I have tremendously bad luck when it comes to dating and hook ups. I am a 23 year old post-college graduate female who works at a law firm, owns a new car, and lives with roommate...

By: bolinball27 | Category: Romance | Score: 5| Added: 14 Jan 2014

Beer Goggles

- Yes, it sucks to sleep alone. Wouldn't we all like a warm body beside us? To cuddle, to kiss the affection we miss Could I give it to you tonight? Oh, how I want to and if drunk I just might. But d...

By: DianaShallard | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 27 Oct 2013

Dudley, the Loser

- Dudley was divorced. He had been divorced for two years. His wife Nadine had been cheating on him. With a toll taker, of all things. A toll taker named Ivan, who was fifteen years her junior. She ha...

By: Pouch | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 4.6| Added: 15 Jan 2012