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The Doldrums

Floating in darkness

Into the darkness I drift, numbness taking hold of my body and mind. No breeze in my sails, no motivation to lift oars as nothing is in sight across the horizon. Expanse of mists across what must be waters of no waves. When I awake from this dreamless slumber I will consider slipping over the stern. Sink, stand, float or tread the ocean, desert, or space in which I exist. If my wits return and...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 06)

Julie starts fixing things and gets another pleasant surprise

The lawyer was pleased, and destroyed the two letters. Then he called all of the old associates, and explained what was happening. They were shocked, and most of them, as he told me earlier, had been almost friend, and with deep debts of gratitude to daddy. Yes, I call him dad and daddy. I’m repeating myself, again, but those letters were so full of love that I felt I would have loved him,...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 05)

Julie at last can have everything she wants... but doesn't she already have it?

“My family is much different from the Glantrys. We value the person, not their wealth or heritage. I’m working as a lawyer, starting from the lowest. I attended a public school where nobody knew me, and I had to work to do anything that wasn’t connected to my studies. Yes, I’ve been luckier than most. Just to make you understand the difference, I’ll tell you this family secret, and I trust...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 04)

Julie discovers the truth on her family... is it real?

“No, Julie… It’s because I love you. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you when I was buying that book, and that love grew the more I was knowing you. The day you smiled for the first time, I felt like if nothing else in the world was more important than to make you smile. Now that I know what caused your sadness, what broke your heart and confidence, and your enjoying life, I am so...Read On


Of Hunting, Decoys, and Poppy Camo

Some types of hunting require decoys...

“You ready, son?” whispered the Martian, sharp teeth drooling in anticipation. A poppy dipped in response. “Stay bent over; wait for her to rise up. I’ll eat the left one, you take the right.” The poppy dipped again... “You boys in place?” whispered the old man into his walkie-talkie. Two microphone double-clicks replied they were. “They’ll wait for Becky to lift her ass. His testicles will...Read On


Festival of the Fall - A Fuel Story

The road to the Biggest Finale in Sport Entertainment starts with the biggest festival of Autumn.

22nd of March - Season 1 Lord, I love my job . That was the thought that ran through Toney Kunene's mind as she switched off her car and marvelled at the sight in front of her. She had just arrived at Engels Korta and was blown away by what she was looking at: it was a full blown festival! While she shouldn't have been surprised considering that the name of the event was  Festival ...Read On


The price of betrayal

Every action has an equal and opposite consequence

The Price of Betrayal   God, it’s cold tonight , he thought, his breath hanging in the air in front of his face as he exhaled. He remembered a time when, as a child, he would puff out on cold days like these, trying to make smoke rings, like his Grandfather used to amuse him with. Of course, Grandfather had been smoking a cigar at the time. He stood in the darkened doorway of a...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 03)

Julie found something to light her days... will it last?

The next morning, he was there at ten, but I was busy with a group of tourist customers, looking for maps and history books about the city. They got me really busy for at least an hour, but in the end, I managed to sell something to every single one of them. He was smiling. “You are very skilled in dealing with people.” “No. I am a total wreck in dealing with people.” I wasn’t mentioning...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 27 - NO HOLDS BARRED

After Moodswing gives a speech to motivate his racers, Brenda deals with the ramifications...

13th of April - Season 1 "From here on out, as far I'm considered, it is NO. HOLDS. BARRED." Those were the words that boomed from Moodswing's mouth as he stood on the middle-stage with a microphone in his hand. However, unlike the speech he gave on the premiere of Monday Night Fuel where he was just addressing the crowd, this time he was addressing all the racers who were...Read On


From the darkness

At first light I can finally see around me No furniture No walls Nothing as it was only hours ago Now is only silent  Feeling numb In the rumble, I see a photo with smiling faces  I see the damage  The pieces of my life I want to scream Should I rebuild  Hang on or let go As I close my eyes I feel the sun on my face I don't want to think or open my eyes For some time  ...Read On


My Therapist

Uncomplicated Love

I love my chopper - she performs nicely and I never tire of her rumbling. It's usually just the two of us, although other riders may join us to pursue some lonesome highways looking for nothing but open road. I first called her my mistress, but that got confrontational, resulting in her becoming my therapist. She does soothe me and provides therapy every time we are together. There is...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 26 - Bayede Inkosi

King Mandla looks to show his dominance over the series while dealing with his father's stern hand.

  TWO WEEKS AFTER FESTIVAL OF THE FALL 6th of April - Season 1 "You're a King, Mandla. Act like it." Formula-X King, Mandla Xulu had never been prouder hearing these words. And how could he not be when they came from the King of the Zulus. He'd been given the extraordinary honor just two days ago when the Zulu tribe leader had invited him to have Saturday tea with him. It was...Read On


The Jane Baillie Saga Chapter One

Jane's early days from 3 year old to six year old,

  For all her infant life and some way beyond, Jane hated the sea. It was always there in all its forms lapping gently at the rocky shores of Clyth, like some friendly faithful dog, or giving a harvest as generous as a fertile field. Yet Jane believed that below that heaving surface lurked a vicious devil-form that worked with the winds that came howling out of the north to produce...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 11: Introducing the Lullaby

Following their break in into the armoury, Sam and Doug are introduced to the mystic Lullaby

Before Sam and Doug was a beautiful silver-gloss-painted car. It was slick, with smooth curves and tinted windows. It had side skirts and a hood with a vent on it. The tires were thin and the rims, shiny with a metallic blue glow coming from them. The car looked like a combination or a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang; a Chevrolet Camaro and a Dodge Charger. It looked like it was designed to be the...Read On


Ball of String

One man's fight to save his town

Monday   Ron leaned back in his chair, resting the back against the side of the station. An old rusty yellow and green pickup truck was making its way down the highway in his direction. He unscrewed the top of his Snapple bottle and drank a deep draught of the amber mango iced tea therein. The truck approached. It did not slow. The fine mist of dust stirred up by the tires of...Read On



"I must have fallen asleep and let the bottle I was warming boil dry." I didn't know her that well; just someone to chat with on a break. It was strange how confidences got shared in the hours before dawn.  "I shouldn't have been there anyway, so I just grabbed Martina and left town," she drunk the last of her coffee. We worked shifts for the utility company, sorting queries and...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 02)

Julie lives a meaningless life, mourning her losses

Two days later I was in a new city. I knew nobody, had no relatives nor friends, and couldn’t count on anyone but me. I tried and tried. I passed weeks looking for jobs and the money was soon going to finish until I found a kind old woman who hired me to work in her bookstore. Not that I was going to become rich there, but it was a job that allowed me to earn a living. On the upper floor,...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 25 - Deal with the Devil

As everyone prepares for the upcoming Festival of the Fall, Stevie contemplates an offer from Thawn.

16th of March - Season 1 When Darcy Stevens took off her helmet and stepped off her motorcycle, her face immediately fell. Across the parking lot, standing next to his black 1970s Chevrolet Impala was Thawn Oberhauser. She knew what he as doing. He was waiting for her... and this wasn't the first time. He'd done the same thing last week. Stevie rolled her eyes and started for the...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 19.

All she could see was her long, tousled and bloodied, blonde locks covering her pillow.

Vienna, December 24 th 1943   The Flight to Vienna was uneventful. Despite being wrapped tightly in blankets, the young woman was cold. Not freezing but, nevertheless, far from warm. It wasn't a long flight, little more than two hours but it seemed much longer. By the time they landed, she had almost forgotten what it was like to be warm. There were six stretcher patients...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 24 - Monday Night Reservist

Frustrated from having no race for the night, Styles looks to make the most of his night off...

9th of March - Season 1 "What do you mean I don't have a race tonight?" Even as Styles Sithole spoke the words, he was shocked. "Exactly what I said, Styles," said Moodswing. The Club President then handed him the card with the list of races on it. Styles read the racecard.   The Xulu/Kieck Press Conference King Mandla  ( The  Shosholoza )  vs. Low Rez  ( innominate )  & R-Kid ...Read On


A New England

In the end the plague affected us all. It swept through the divided country, leaving a trail of disasters on deserted highways and a people with no direction home. Soon even the good looking stayed home on Saturday nights and muffins were no longer available on the shelves of the stark neon shops. Not even for ready money. While feeling very small, I sit by the banks of the old canal, to...Read On


Beast of the lake

What does he have to do to summon the beast of the lake who will grant him immortality?

Immortality. That was the reward, that was the promise, and he knew it was his. Soon he would live forever. Nobody would have taken it seriously. Nobody who thought rationally that is. He knew that should he have told anybody of this belief, then they would either have laughed at him, or politely made their excuses and left. Yet, he was convinced that it would happen, and soon he would no...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 23 - The Impaler

Still reeling from being humiliated on Valentines Day, Thawn attempts to bounce back...

2nd of March - Season 1 Two weeks, that's how long it had been since Heart-Attack where Thawn Oberhauser had been thoroughly embarassed. It had been two weeks, which should have been long enough for people to forget what happened. But people remembered. He could feel it as he walked the concourse: people looking at him. People looking  down  at him. To them, he was the guy that...Read On


The Jane Baillie Saga

Little girl feigning sleep eavesdrops on parents

Scotland, the Caithness coast, specifically the fishing village of Clyth. It is the evening of January 26th, 1876. A dark chill evening. No breeze, but grassed slopes that tilt to the cliff edge, wear a veil of frost. A shadowed sea heaves, gently slapping at the rocky shore. Waiting. A single roomed fishing hamlet, no different from several scattered along the cliff tops, shelters a...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 01)

Julie sees her dreams shattered in the worst way

  My name is Julie, and at twenty-two my life was pretty much ruined already. What did I do? More or less, nothing. A part getting a crush on the wrong guy, and getting pregnant. Michael Albert Glanrty III was the heir of a very rich family, and they would have never accepted me. I was so naïve I thought they would, and that our love would be stronger than any prejudice. Just that it...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 22 - Headliners

JVZ attempts to balance popularity with his spot on the food chain in Formula-X

24th of February - Season 1 TALKING WITH TOUCH "And let me introduce to you at this time, my first of two guests for the night: Juan van Zonder!" JVZ rolled his eyes at the huge introduction as he made his way onto the stage. Touch always had a way of building hype every time he introduced his guests on his talk show. It was his gift: making things seem bigger than they were....Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 21 - Popularity Contest

With Valentine's Day now behind them, Touch looks for the next big news story for his talk show

17th of February – Season 1 Touch slammed his fist on the table, rubbing his temple with his other hand in frustration. He’d been at this for an hour already but felt like he was getting nowhere. “And then?” When Touch looked up and saw Brenda Koek, he didn’t say a word so Brenda continued. “What you banging the tables for?” No answer. “Never seen someone so upset after winning...Read On


S.E.C.R.E.T. Ch5

Chapter Five   Valerian hits a dead ende and takes a right, his steps silent on the tile floor. The building was not originally a precinct but a Sunday school or something in the 50s, and it has a basement. Most of the walls separating the classrooms were knocked down, combining the rooms to form larger ones like the detectives' station, the tech lab, and the interrogation room. The...Read On


Heart-Attack - A Fuel Story

The stars of Monday Night Fuel look to celebrate Valentine's Day while also maintaining dominance...

16th of February – Season 1 Rosemary Lekota was not a big racing fan. But she knew that she hadn’t been invited to this pay-per-view to watch the motorsport. She hadn’t been invited to be entertained by these sports entertainers. No… she had been hired to be the entertainment. She was a singer. As one of the newest exports from Lesotho, she was eager to make her mark all over...Read On


One step from angel to deamon

How can we forget our lost love? Why forget them? They are the ones who grew us up, they are the ones who destroyed us, they are also the ones who abandoned us in the countless shipwrecks of our hearts. Why chain ourselves to the risk of breaking every link with every sigh, every desire? They met, they loved each other from a distance, fled, got together, hugged each other, gave each...Read On