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Story submission guidelines

  • The copyright to stories (and accompanying photos) must be owned by the member uploading them.
  • Please ensure submissions fit into the categories found on the home page. While we accept stories featuring sex scenes, we’ve chosen not to include an erotica category for submissions where the entire focus is on sex.
  • Any characters engaging in sexual situations must be aged sixteen and over.
  • Stories should be under 10,000 words in length, with any longer works broken down and submitted in chapters.
  • Submissions for all categories other than Musings, Poetry, Songs and Flash Fiction must be a minimum of 3000 characters. (Approximately six hundred words).
  • The Musings category is intended for submissions that ponder the bigger questions in life. It’s not a category for rants or a place to take private disputes public.
  • Scenes where child abuse or sexual abuse are described in detail are not permitted. If a character endured either in their past, mentioning it is okay but we don’t accept stories featuring lengthy scenes revolving around the abuse.
  • Submissions that contain racist remarks, hate speech or are disrespectful toward others’ religious beliefs, aren’t permitted.
  • If your story or poem is more likely to upset or offend rather than entertain, please refrain from submitting it to this site.

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