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A Silly Poem About Grammar

- An interesting thought, Though like it you may not, Is the fact that a writer, Could be much shiter... ...Without proper use of grammar. And if it was illegal you’d be in the slammer, For using inc...

By: Circle_Something | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.8| Added: 22 Dec 2013

Have I Missed Something?

- Have I missed something? What is happening? Is it getting worse or is it just me? So many stories, poems, and musings Seem to be offered without editing. And when you give an honest opinion ...

By: Survivor | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 12 Aug 2013

Punctuation Puns

- I will state one unequivocal thing about my colonic: I hated it! Please note that we have a colon used in a sentence referencing a colonic. I humbly suggest that usage like this henceforth be called a...

By: rantingsenior | Category: Musings | Score: 4.4| Added: 25 Feb 2013

A Word Geek Visits the Doctor

- It's a dire diagnosis for our intrepid heroine... "We don't see you in here often, Maggie. What seems to be the trouble today?" "Well, doctor, its this darn apostrophe, thats how it started b...

By: magnificent1rascal | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 12 Feb 2013

Arrested By The Grammar Police

- It seems that lately I can’t get no peace, From all those so-called Grammar Police, Who for some reason think that I should care, The difference between there, they’re and their. They want to analy...

By: DirtyMartini | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.9| Added: 06 May 2012


- Fragmented That title — what on Earth could it mean? Has another heart been torn asunder? No, it refers to phrases trimmed too lean, Sentences lacking substance and thunder. Fragments, as they ar...

By: magnificent1rascal | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 05 Apr 2011