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The Little Survivor

- Victor's first act of survival was completed out of sight of his forever family. It must have happened sometime during the year or so he had been alive. But that history was lost in the mists of tim...

By: Survivor | Category: Memoirs | Score: 5| Added: 29 Jun 2021

Cedar Boxes

- Two dogs. A rabbit. Four cats. Two parakeets. Nine cedar boxes filled with the life’s ashes of our fur and feathered family for over the last 40+ years. We are down to just one now. Gimley the cat c...

By: Dreamcatcher | Category: Memoirs | Score: 5| Added: 27 Feb 2021

Trick or Treat

- The night is cold. Who will be out tonight? The doorbell rings. "Trick or treat!" Oops, he's out. "C'mon back inside!" Don't scare the tyke. Give her some treats. She smiles, and the door closes...

By: Survivor | Category: Micro Fiction | Score: 5| Added: 02 Nov 2017

Randy Thoughts and Stuff, #1

- Randy Thoughts is my paperboy. He may just be the smartest person I know. You wouldn’t think that someone as smart as Randy Thoughts would be content delivering newspapers for a living. But you don’t...

By: TouchOfGray | Category: Musings | Score: 5| Added: 11 Aug 2017


- Billy Chapter Fourteen Easter Sunday Tom was once again on his feet trying to take things easy, as ordered by his Doctor. But to easy for Tom's liking, he was trying to behave himself with the u...

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 27 Oct 2015


- Chapter 10 The morning after It was morning, and Kaye had been awake for some time. Her normal drive to start her day early wasn't there. She wanted just to lie in bed a little longer. Sleep had ev...

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 30 Sep 2015


- Chapter 7 A Lost Soul Meanwhile in another part of the county, there was another patient, who was recovering. Tom wanted to go home too. The private room was silent except for the hissing sounds...

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 18 Sep 2015


- Chapter 6 A Beacon of Hope Kaye fought to keep the car on the snow covered road. The car's wipers made dragging sounds, as they ran over the bits of ice, the Jeeps frozen blades failed to do much....

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 14 Sep 2015


- Chapter 3 Billy had traveled all day through fields, crossing busy highways down wood roads and was now trying to find a way across a river. He stopped there looking over his surroundings. He sat f...

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 4.9| Added: 20 Aug 2015


- Chapter one The December morning sun rose slowly over the town, lighting the tops of the buildings while bathing them in the morning soft yellow light. Traffic began to increase, the start of another...

By: aidan | Category: General | Score: 5| Added: 10 Aug 2015

The Last One

- She was the last one, The last I'd ever bury. She was my precious Whom I could never carry, Allowing herself to be held For only thirty seconds And then she twisted free. But she would lie for hours ...

By: Survivor | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 10 May 2013