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Las Vegas (some months after)

Part 3


I suppose,

This is the life we chose.

Nothing we can do, but pose,

In the life of camera.


Every day, we set life goals

Living it out, seeing how life goes

I worry how the show will end,

After the curtain closes.

Will there be roses, thrown

Or roses placed down as they mourn?


Living life over the top

Under the influence

In your embrace

In your fragrance,

We live in the moment 

And cherish every moment.


Bank job after bank job

A few dead on the scene, 

Life with you,

Has really been memorizing.

Honeymoon after honeymoon, 

In every presidential suite.


Money all over the floor

Money all over the table

How we rose,

From that conversation on that motel table

To having sex on the blackjack table.


One last job, 

Then we retire

Move somewhere far

Maybe even join some choir


You smash open the doors and come at me running,

I patiently smile in the car, with the engine running.

I notice a little blood on your shirt, and I can see you smiling.

You naughty girl, you killed somebody

Can't wait to have you in the shower.

You are almost there, soon we will be off into the sunset

When suddenly, I hear a gunshot.


A bullet to through your leg

A bullet through your stomach

Blood dripping out your mouth 

As you throw up.


A bullet to his head,

A bullet to his chest.

I mercilessly fire,

In my raging outburst.


Jumped, out of the car, 

Rushed, grab you into the car,

Money flies all over,

As I dash off.


Forget about the money,

Look at me honey,

You and I are gonna complete this journey


Anger, panic, fear

I can't drive properly

I can't see properly, tears.

The police chase after us,

The growing crowd cheers

Death's door step, nears.


Eyes shift to you, thoughts all clouded

Not noticing, the path gets crowed.

Suddenly, the police have us surrounded.


Car stops, my heart slowly stops.

You kiss me with a little fear in your eyes

I kiss you with a little tear in my eyes

Your lock your fingers into my hand

Only once decision left at hand.

Your grip slowly loosens, as death pulls you away.

I pull back at you, begging you to stay

Stuck in between life and death, in this tag of war.


Tears fall as I tell you I'm sorry, 

You tell me not to worry

And drive into the sunset

"Baby, let's make one final upset"

You, whisper, when suddenly your body goes stiff

I drive off, and suddenly my tears fall upwards, towards the roof, as we are falling off the cliff.


I'm yours and you are mine,

Together we make the greatest love story ever told,

Bonnie and Clyde







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