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Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 08, Boudreaux Family Values

-   “Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’ tonight?” At the sound of Darrell Ray’s cocky, teasing voice, Bebe gave him an unhurried glance. Then she took her time putting away an unread folder, turni...

By: Rumple_deWriter | Category: Drama | Score: 5| Added: 18 Sep 2017


- I laid on a couch, and she sat on another couch in silence. Then she had uttered with a mockery smile who is the older? You or Laura? I had answered "I don't know," and went on during the study p...

By: meryem | Category: Musings | Score: 5| Added: 21 Mar 2017

The Realm of our Perception

- It is the way in which the world has become. Five frights and a minority rest. The swirls of feeling in the lights, summoning the thoughts of the younger, illuminating those of the elder in a short, ...

By: LEMF | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 05 Nov 2015

Smallpox killed the Americans: Plutonium killed the Americans

- First one Spaniard, then most indigenouspeople, died. Just in one year, 1525, probably millions perished. The civilisations of the Amazon were buried, first the flesh, then the artefacts, then finall...

By: RichardBunning | Category: Flash Fiction | Score: 4.7| Added: 21 Aug 2015

Creepy Man

- He's a creep. Perverted mumblings, truer than you realise. The anonymity of the internet, a suitable cloak. He makes me choke. Proof, I have none, but it's clear to see. What he is, starts with "p...

By: Circle_Something | Category: Poetry | Score: 5| Added: 07 Aug 2014

Misadventures in the Royal Word Cellar

- It happened on the very day Princess Poubelle was to meet her intended, the handsome Prince John Don Ron von Finkleshteen. She came down with a wicked case of ghoulish mouthus . This frightful ...

By: QuirkyStories | Category: Childrens | Score: 4.8| Added: 02 Jan 2014 Audio version available Editor's Pick

Ode to Somniloquy

- An humourous ode, written to cheer up a tired and glum friend whose nightly slumbers were disturbed by just such chatter as is detailed in this limerick - but without the surprise ending... ...

By: gypsy | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.2| Added: 08 May 2013

Much Luck

- You remember the phone calls, All those late nights, (for you, not me) I wrote all those poems, You, all those comments. It wasn't a long relationship, Not by adult standards, We laste...

By: Colors_of_the_Wind | Category: Poetry | Score: 4.8| Added: 12 Mar 2013

My Therapy Success: Overcoming Inappropriate Joking and Homonymphobia

- As I looked at my new psychiatrist Dr. Milford, I could see the gears turning. He had one of those transparent clocks in front of him on his desk. I could also see that he was thinking about what I ha...

By: rantingsenior | Category: Humor | Score: 5| Added: 04 Jun 2012